I'm always looking for opportunities to draw. DM me on or


Monday's @ SVA
Tuesday's @ MIAD
Friday's @ UWM

There are a lot of drawing sessions available, but my greatest limitation will always be the amount of time in the day. If you have a drawing session around the Milwaukee Wisconsin and think it's a great time please reach out to let me know. I've attended the MIAD, UWM, Sheboygan sessions quite a bit over the last several years.

National drawing tour...

That sounds epic, it's not, well not yet. I do get to travel to some cool and exciting places around the country and even a few sweet trips beyond. I'm always looking for great studios in NYC, San Fran, and Toronto.


People are my favorite subject to draw. Skeleton, nudes, portraits, or just plain chilling on the couch drawing a friend can be captivating. (Don't believe me, check out the gallery.)

If you are interested in modeling and want to commission a portrait or hang out and draw please reach out. DM me on Instagram @jasonkobs.