Political Portraits | A more grotesque version of their best selves.

A person has a "calling" for public service because they want to affect the policies that affect everyone. Policies can and do infiltrate of culture resulting in positive and negative consequences. Some policymakers and influencers have personalities that stand apart, swelling to a celebrity status. Success often perverts any good intention. In these portraits, I'm trying to capture a truth between the ideal and the grotesque. These pop-culture celebrity politicians are recognizable by their look, their style, and sometimes as little as a single feature. I want to play with that to better illustrate the complex nature of social-service celebrity and typical political hijinks.

Up Next...

Look for additional drawings as the country moves into the 2020 series of political primaries, debates, and finally the general election. Things will get heated and words will become weapons! So exciting!!! I'll be on the sideline cheering. Enjoy!